Tips to Finding Indoor Locations

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Your location isn’t what is keeping you from progressing towards your dream—it’s your mindset.

I get it. I’m sick of always shooting in a field too and sometimes, renting a studio just isn’t in the budget; but the reality is, I’m not limited by my location or my resources, I’m limited by my perspective.

So, whether you’re trying to escape the cold climate or switch up your style, choosing a fresh space can do wonders to revive your creative eye. Here are some of my favorite alternative indoor locations—


Many of my favorite photoshoots took place in homes and lofts listed on Airbnb. This is a great place to start because the owner has already made the decision to open up their living space to outsiders, now all you have to do is ask. In my experience, I’ve come across people who are willing to share their space free of charge, for trades, or even for 1/2 the price of the rental rate. That’s what the owner did for the space used in these images. If you’re interested in booking a room at Culture Boutique Hotel for yourself, click here.

When it comes to using Airbnb spaces as a photo shoot, my advice is to clearly communicate why you want to use their home, how many people it involves and for how long. Also, if you’re one to travel a lot–spend the extra dollars to get a place you really like. One that’s good for the night’s stay and for a mini shoot. Believe me, you’ll get your money’s worth (that’s what I did for this photoshoot during my stay in Kansas City).

minimal natural white culture boutique hotel springfield missouri

Unique Establishments

Some of the best indoor locations also double as coffee shops, antique stores, or hotel lobbies. Depending on whether people have photographed here before, I always recommend reaching out to the business owner before taking over their place. Many business owners don’t mind sharing their space, but a couple of things to keep in mind are—

  1. Remember to respect their space and their rules. If the chair says “do not sit”….don’t sit in it for the sake of art.
  2. Show your appreciation by giving back. Don’t be a mooch—buy a cup of Joe or a souvenir to show appreciation that they shared their business with you.
  3. Give credit where credit is due. Once you’ve published your work, make sure to tag the location.
minimal natural white culture boutique hotel springfield missouri

Bare Minimum

For a captivating atmosphere, all you really need are two things: good lighting and decor to fit your vision. It can really be as simple as having a cozy corner with a cool midcentury chair and some plants or a blank wall. This is the cool part about photography: nobody knows what is going on outside the frame. That means that you can do a lot with a small space. Get creative and don’t get overwhelmed with your lack of options. Creativity is a muscle that must be exercised, so take on the challenge with enthusiasm.


—-and that’s all! For more insight to finding spots for photo shoots, check out this article.

minimal natural white culture boutique hotel springfield missouri

Photographs taken at the Culture Boutique Hotel in Springfield, Missouri.

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