About The Artist

Commercial, Editorial, & Lifestyle Photography

Hello my dears, I’m Paige.

Raised in western Michigan and currently based in the Midwest. I started Sights and Souls out of a passion to capture individuals and their personal style. Over the years, the brand expanded to tell the stories of local business owners and other driven creatives.

Aside from photography, I enjoy trying new hobbies. They seem to keep me refreshed. Things like yoga, painting, longboarding, baking, and writing. I’ve found that as an artist, staying balanced is the number one preventative care against burn out. It’s not easy to not become consumed in my work, but I work much better when I am able to step back and enjoy other things about life.

Throughout this six-year journey of photography, I found that despite the ebb-and-flow that comes with any brand development, storytelling remains to be at the heart of what I do.

I decided I would make Sights and Souls an intentional brand that believes in the journey of refining ones’ purpose and solidifying ones’ voice. The mission is to be content in the midst; not to promote unattainable standards of beauty or status, but to focus on inward health and outward clarity. To be raw and sometimes uncomfortable. To take a step back in the hustle and bustle and create art that speaks to the soul.

If anything, Sights and Souls is about relationships because what stories can be told if no else involved?

I look forward to touching base with you and beginning to hear your own personal story or the journey that your business has taken. After all, each story has a purpose that encourages someone else, and that narrative is something that I’d like to explore with you.


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