Sustainable Style + Why

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Sustainable Style: clothing and accessories that are made with the “whole” in mind. The entire process of creating a garment, from growing the textile to stitching it together, is mindful of the people, planet, and community.

Why sustainability?

We are living in a time where we can find things fast and cheap. In fact, the average person buys 60% more items of clothing yet only keeps them for about half as long compared to 15 years ago (Greenpeace 2017). Part of this is due to the quick turnover of style-trends. Whereas there used to be four main seasons, the industry now operates on a 52 micro-season cycle. This “out with the old and in with the new” mentality is not only desensitizing our consumer habits but also putting pressure on the workers who make the clothing. It’s a life of harsh living conditions and low wages; over 50% of workers within the fashion industry are not paid the minimum wage in countries like India and the Philippines. (Global Fashion Agenda 2017)

Yves Saint Laurent famously said “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” Whereas fashion is an art that is notoriously difficult to keep up with because trends change seasonally, style is impacted by much longer-lasting factors. Style is affected by religion, politics, culture and subculture, weather, body type, profession, upbringing, etc. (Mari Andrew , Paste Magazine)

Sights + Souls believes that style doesn’t have to be tied to vanity. It doesn’t have to destroy our planet or degrade people. It doesn’t need to be favored one minute and discarded the next.

Style makes space for individualism and removes conformity and gladly, comparison with it. One’s style compliments the body and encourages self-acceptance. It is a form of expression. With sustainable style, one realizes that this expression is also a reflection of power as consumers.

So, what does investing in sustainable style look like?

  1. Buying less and choosing well.

Being sustainable is mostly about being intentional with what we buy. It doesn’t mean you need to become a minimalist, it just means you need to be mindful.

   2. Choosing second-hand clothing.

Fashion trends repeat themselves throughout the decades. So, instead of buying the new, and most likely, less quality version of that 1990s attire, seek out the originals in thrift stores or depop shops.

   3. Repairing and repurposing old clothing.

When we choose well, our garments last longer. If it comes to the point where that sweater is snagged or the jeans become too short. Stich the imperfection or cut the jeans into shorts. Get creative.

     4. Supporting brands that incorporate sustainability.

And who are these brands? Most likely, if a brand is sustainable in some way, they will talk about it. Companies like Good On You are making it easier to know a brand’s impact by doing the research for you; search a favorite brand of yours and check out their rating based on the impact on labor, the environment, and animals.



If you are someone that is making a step towards slow fashion, let’s get into contact.

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