Portrait of a Stranger

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There’s been plenty of times I have pep-talked myself into mustering up the courage to ask a stranger if I can take their portrait – and 9/10, I let the opportunity slip through my grasps.

I can’t explain why I lack the courage – if it were any other situation, I surely would go up and introduce myself, but when it comes to photography, I somehow lack the boldness.

On this particular day, this girl grabbed me by my arm, insisting I take her photo. She dragged me to the shore and whipped out some Next Top Model moves that would make Tyra Banks turn and look. I later found out that this (very) young woman had just turned 13 and here I am, almost a decade older, battling to have half the amount of boldness she embodies.

So, to those of you who also struggle to take pride in the things you love, I leave you with this — Nobody is benefiting from your timidness – not yourself and especially not those in your sphere of influence; but so many can be empowered by your voice, if only you have the courage to speak up and act out.

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