About Sights & Souls

Commercial, Editorial, & Lifestyle Photography

Sights and Souls is a fashion and commercial photography brand that focuses on sustainable living through intentional storytelling imagery.


  1. Sustainable Style

Sights and Souls believes that style doesn’t have to be tied to vanity. S/S’s partners with brands that are taking a step toward fair-trade and waste-less closets. For more information about sustainable style, read this.

  1. Storytelling Imagery

Stories create connection and connection is needed to make an impact. Storytelling is at the heart of what I do. With the abundance of photographs cluttering our digital world, branding imagery needs to be that much more intentional. Sights and Souls is intentional about the messages behind the images, ensuring that they speak true to your brand.

  1. Detail-Oriented Design

Lighting, styling, location; everything serves a purpose. A good picture comes down to the details and making sure that all pieces come together to strengthen the message and guide the story.

Sights and Souls is available for booking in Fashion, Commercial, or Lifestyle Photography.

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